Football Sponsorship

Lehi Football Sponsorship

Lehi Football survives on the support from the families, fans and community of Lehi each year. These are some ways that you can work with the Lehi Gridiron Club to lend financial support to the football program.

A full detailed document can be downloaded here: Full Prospectus Document or Condensed Prospectus Document

The simplified order form can be downloaded here: Banner Order Form

Family Banners $300

Lehi families can purchase a family banner that will be displayed around the stadium in support of the team. The banners are all the same artwork and the family’s name is added to the top of their banner.


Donations In Kind (market value of goods donated)

For many companies it is not possible to give a cash donation. We have many uses for the In Kind donations that our sponsors can offer. The market value of your doantion is evaluated to place you into one of the categories of sponsorship listed below. Here are some of the examples of how we can use your donation:

  • Meals to feed the team
  • Food for fan gatherings (tailgates, pre-game experience)
  • Gifts and incentives for players, coaches, coaches wives and teachers
  • Supplies needed by the Gridirion Club to host events on behalf of the team
  • Items to be sold at the Football Fundraiser Auction
  • Concessions to be sold to the fans on gameday

Purchase Discount Cards

We have met some companies who cannot participate in any type of associated sponsorship. We know you still want to help out the community so we have a way to ask you to help. Many companies like to purchase incentives or rewards for their employees because giving cash awards to them is too much bookkeeping. We have just the thing that is a gift that keeps giving. The Lehi Football Discount Cards cost $25 each and have far more value as they get used. A company could choose to make a purchase from us using their incentives budget and give out our Discount Cards to their employees. Ask us about bulk pricing – we’d love to work something out.

Company Sponsor Banners $600 ($500 renewal)

Companies can sponsor the team with a basic entry-level option. This would include a 4×8 banner with the company’s logo (or preferred artwork) hung up on the stadium fence. These banners are to remain hanging in the stadium from the time the sponsor pays the fee until the end of the season in November. The exposure is to our Lehi crowd on home games as well as the many youth football games that are played at the stadium every Saturday. An ad would also be placed for this sponsor in our Football Program that is handed out to fans at all of our home games. This ad would only be included if the artwork for the 1/4 page ad (4 1/4″ wide by 5 1/2″ high at 300 dpi) is submitted before the July 15 deadline. The final piece of exposure would come from an audible “Thank You” read to the fans towards the end of each game in recognition of our wonderful sponsors by name.


Company Sponsor Marketing Plan $1,000 – $3,000

In an attempt to capture some of a company’s marketing budget instead of just the charitable donation budget, we also offer a variety of services that we think can really benefit the sponsor’s exposure to the community. The customized plan would consist of a combination of the available marketing features. Here is a list of the different features we have that will create exposure for these sponsors:

  • Large Scoreboard Ad ($3000)
    • We have 2 of these spots available
    • Ad stays on the scoreboard for exposure until next season.
    • Cash only, no InKind trade
  • Small Scoreboard Ad ($1500)
    • We have 6 of these spots available
    • Ad stays on the lower part of the scoreboard for exposure until next season.
    • Cash only, no InKind trade
  • Endzone Pop-up Banners ($1200)
    •  We have 12 of these available
    • Ads are placed on the field just outside the endzone for our Friday home games as well as Saturday youth games.
  • Main St Fence Banner ($2000)
    • We have 5 of these available
    • Banner stays up for the duration of the football season
    • 6′ high x 10′ wide
    • These large banners face Lehi Main Street for maximum exposure
  • Video segment played during a football game
    • Typically 10-20 second commercial
  • Football Season Program Ad
    • Large ads are full page ads (8 1/2″ wide by 11″ high at 300 dpi)
    • Medium ads are half page ads (8 1/2″ wide by 5 1/2″ high at 300 dpi)
  • Sponsorship of a Home Game
    • We have 5 of these available
    • Tagged on social media as the game sponsor from Thursday until the following Wednesday
    • Company name announced during the selected game as the title sponsor
    • Quarter break gimmick (ie. fan kicks a field goal to win a prize)
  • Season Schedule Poster
    • We print 200+ season schedule posters to be given to fans and local businesses
    • Companies can get their logo onto this poster as a sponsor
    • 6 spots available along the bottom of the poster
  • Pre-Game Event Booth
    • Give away your swag to the gathering fans
    • Be a title sponsor and help feed our fans.
  • Other
    • We have social media opportunities
    • We have a mailing list of Lehi fans that we update on a regular basis. You can get your message into this newsletter.
    • We will be streaming the home games to fans near and far who want to tune into a Lehi Football game.

If your company is interested in working with us to help support the team, please reach out to us to see how we can best work together.